Surf Packages

Surf Packages


Surf Packages are a great way for multiple lessons if you are a local or if you are on vacation. They allow you to select the days and times that are available. If you are on vacation, you can skip days for other events you may have planned and to rest. 

For kids surfing multiple days on vacation, you have to consider they can get tired from being on the beach all day in the sun in addition to surfing. They need lots of water, food after surfing lessons, and adequate rest. 

Call with questions or text 760-696-7149

Surf Packages

3 one hour lessons $140 (save $10 )

3 one and a half hour lessons $190 (save $20, save $30 for 2)

4 one hour lessons $180 (save $20)

4 one and a half hour lessons $260 (save $20) 

*Add $10 per person per lesson

See Payment Page to make Purchases.  

You can also call and pay over the phone. 

Wet suits can be rented, if necessary (not so much in the summer) at Asylum, 310 Mission Ave ($12), 2 blocks from the beach. Beach Shack ($10) on the beach south of the Pier at Life Guard Tower 1. 

We meet at Life Guard Tower 2, 200 feet north of the Pier

I bring the surf boards. You can rent surf boards at either Surf Shop.

Call or email me when you have signed up so we can arrange times. 

760-696-7149 or