Surf Lessons

You and your family will have a great time learning to surf. 

Most people are riding in the first lesson and having fun. 

Private Lessons for Individuals, Families, and Groups

Recommended for 10 yrs by Surf Shops, Hotels, and Trip Adviser

Licensed by the City and Insured

surf lessons in oceanside

Surf Boards Included


“My kids can’t stop talking about
how much fun it was to go surfing. Thanks again for the fun!” 
J. Jacobs 4/18/17
“Thank you for the great instructions you provided our 15 boys on our church group outing. It was a great success.”  Brad T. AZ 6/15/17

Surf Lesson Times:

 1>9 a.m. 2> 10:30 a.m. 3> Noon  4> 2 p.m.  5> 4:00 p.m. surf lessons in oceanside

 (For two or more people, it is the total price, not each)

One Person     One Hour  $50,  1- 1/2  Hours $70, Two Hours $90

Two People       One Hour $60,  1- 1/2  Hours $80, Two Hours $100

Three People    One Hour $100,  1- 1/2 Hours $120, Two Hours $140

Four People     One Hour   ($140),  1-1/2  Hours ($160) and 2 hours ($180)

Five People      $40 each for 1 1/2 hours ($200),   2 hours ($220)

We meet at Life Guard Tower 2, just north of the Pier

Wet Suits are $10 for three hours at Asylum (310 Mission Ave.760-722-7101) 2 blks from beach 

Schedule a Lesson online orsurf lessons in oceanside

Call  760-696-7149

Multiple Day Surf Lessons (see below)

3 Hour Private Surf Camps (see below) 

760-696-7149   Call anytime

Read the full description of what you learn (below)

 Licensed and Insured


Call 760-696-7149   Mark Kaplan Owner/Instructor

Two Days of LessonsOne Hour Each Day$100 for one person, $120 for two persons, $180 for three persons.

Three Days of  Surf Lessons  One Hour Each Day-  $150 for one person, $180 for Two, and $270 for 3 persons. 

Four Days of Lessons One Hour Each Day- $200 for one person, $240 for two persons, $360 for three persons

Five Days of Lessons One Hour Each Day- $250 for one person, $300 for two persons, and $450 for three persons.

I start most people on a 9′ board . You’ll be glad you did it. In lesson series I reduce size to 8′ and use 8′ for kids.

Private 3 Hour Surf Camps. Two one and a half hour lessons with half hour rest in between. Classes for individuals, couples, families, or friends. A great opportunity to have private instruction and more time to learn.   3 hours only slightly more in cost than a two hour course. A 10:30 a.m. start would end at 2 p.m. Bring food and water.   See Pricing and Schedules

Lessons at 10:30 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

I supply the Surf Lesson Boards. Wet Suits are $10 for three hours at

Asylum (310 Mission Ave.760-722-7101) 2 blks from beach 

Hi Mark!
Thank you again!  The boys fell in love with surfing!  D. Herzic, Ill.

“Mark you were the BEST instructor too! I am so thankful that we were able to meet you – and take lessons from you! You really made our day! Diana C. Georgia.

“Most awesome day of my life and the best instructor possible…” Frank Berner, Pittsburg

“Awesome lesson, you rock”  Jeshua Frederick, AZ

“I’m so glad my kids had you instead of those other guys..”  Jim Vigil, WA

Call me to reserve a time.  760-696-7149  PST  Mark Kaplan owner, instructor. Mobile Number.

What I Teach in Oceanside Surf Lessons

Every student wants to be an expert, but there are several fundamentals

that make the experience more fun. First, we want to be comfortable in

the ocean. We learn how to handle the surf board in the waves and not get

hurt. We start off waist deep for all students.

Then we want to learn how to paddle, stay balanced, and catch waves.

With the right techniques students can practice on their own after the

lessons or take their learning to other beaches in the world.

The athletic part is getting from the lying down position to the standing position.

We call this the pop up. The posture on the board has to be just right or

students fall off the board. Read on to learn the pop up technique.

In the Water

I give students a four count for the pop up. On one, we paddle until we catch the wave.

On two, we place our hands in a man’s push up position. Three, we push

off the board and bring our front foot forward to the middle of the board.

On four, we are standing in the perfect posture with shoulders and hips

squared to the beach. In the water is where the real instruction occurs.

Getting Better

Some students advance very fast in an hour lesson. As soon as

students can catch waves and pop up, I start advancing them.

They learn to paddle out through the waves, turn around and

catch the next wave. They learn how to carve turns while riding

toward the beach on foam waves. Some even learn to start riding

real waves.

Confidence Builds

I am amused at how some students start saying they want to

catch bigger waves as their confidence builds on the small waves.

It is not uncommon for students to start paddling out further

and trying to catch bigger foam waves closer to the main break.

Sure they get wrecked, but they laugh and often catch big waves

for long rides. They’re hooked for life.

Longer Surf Lessons

An hour takes everyone through the basics

to practice on their own. A longer surf lesson allows

students to practice with my supervision and

comments and advance to more techniques. It

takes more stamina, but certainly kids and teens

have no trouble with longer sessions.

A second or third day has students feeling at one

in the water like fish. They master all the basics and

are thoroughly enjoying the techniques without having

to think about them.

Which Surf Board to Use

I start kids and teens on 8′ or 9′ soft top boards

depending on their size and coordination. The

larger the volume of the board, the easier it is

to learn the fundamentals.

I start all adults on a 9′ surf board. As students

get better on the 9′ board, I move them to the

8′ size. The 8′ board is easier to handle but more

difficult to paddle, catch waves, and ride.

Surfing Fitness

A lot of seniors wonder if they are fit to surf.

Age is functional. Three physical aspects are important:

Stretching, upper body strength, and stamina. Anyone

who visits the gym, does yoga, runs, rides bikes, or so

many other pursuits will be just fine.

Kids don’t really have the upper body strength,

but they can scramble on the boards and their weight doesn’t

upset the balance if they are careful.

Adults have to be able to follow the pop up procedure to

maintain balance on the board. I suggest they begin practicing

at home or certainly after the lessons if they want to continue

surfing in their future.

Join me and let’s have some fun. How far can you go?

Read my online book if you want an 80 page thorough explanation

of everything I have talked about above (below)


Follow these external links for more surf instructions:

Surf Lesson Tutorials. These may not be exactly as I teach but they are helpful

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Another good pop up video. Each instructor has his style but the basics are the same.

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